Shading Masters: The Ultimate Drawing Bundle for Artists

Learn the simplest methods for achieving mind-blowing realistic drawings fast using a simple 4 step process!

Learn the simple techniques for shading your drawings and creating amazing textures with ease.

Dear fellow artist,

My name is Kevin. I have been drawing ever since I can remember. I've dabbled in color pencils, pastels, and paint but my most successful work has been in black and white graphite.

I really love drawing but I struggled for many years to get the shading and proportions right. It took me years of perfecting my techniques trying to get every aspect of my drawings "right". One thing I have come to realize after all these years is there is no special secrets to drawing great, just tested strategies and practice.

After many many years of trial and error and learning these strategies from many mentors and other artists I finally discovered some keys to drawing amazing images with little struggle.

....and today is your lucky day!

I am going to share with you the very same strategies and techniques that I have found so you can take the shortcut to building your skills faster.

Will it still take practice?

Of course, but it's a lot easier to get where you want to go when you have a solid roadmap.

I have put all of the strategies into my a short easy to digest training that anyone can use to get better at drawing. It will serve as an accelerator for anyone that is struggling to achieve the results that they're looking for in their drawings.

Most notably you will learn a 4 step method to shade all of your drawings like a pro EVERY time!

Using these strategies I can create just about anything I want in very short time.

Did I practice? Sure!

...but knowing WHAT to focus on and starting with some basics and techniques that REALLY work will always serve you better than blindly going into the abyss that is the artist world.

I look forward to sharing these tips and strategies with you. To your success!(and better drawings)

What Am I getting?

Over 7 1/2 Hours of High Definition Video Instruction

All housed in an online portal for you to access 24/7 on any device. Each module is packed with easy to consume, high definition videos to make you never miss a step and get results fast.

  • MODULE 1

    Learn how to choose the right tools and which ones you can ignore and strip away the overwhelm from entering an art store.
  • MODULE 2

    Learn why all of your drawings will never look like you want unless you master this one thing.
  • MODULE 3

    Roll up your sleeves and get to work. You will learn all of the techniques for creating realistic shading,textures and gradients
  • MODULE 4

    This is where we break down each texture and show you exactly how to create them step by step. Learn how to create specific textures like glass,skin,hair,fur and more.
  • MODULE 5

    Look over my shoulder on some of the biggest projects I have created and see where I went wrong and how I fixed it. You’ll also see the entire process from start to finish.

    Download all of the audio, images and worksheets to follow along as you go thru the online course plus get access to the long list of Bonuses for FREE.

    OH MY! What Customers Are Saying

    I have been drawing for quite a while but it seems that it lacks realism because of improper shading, and sometimes out of proportion. But after watching a series of your videos I learned tips that definitely brought life to a couple of my drawings, so thank you Kevin- Danielle, Philippines
    Your videos have helped me to understand techniques proporions and shading.You are doing a great service by imparting your experince and know how to others.Thank you.Please keep it u.Wish you all the best your future tasks.- Mnahar, India
    You, helped me improve in my drawings thanks to your help :) THANK YOU- Jasmine, Dallas
    the drawing tips was easy to understand for beginners like me. Simple, straight forward. Drawing is one of my hobbies but i want to do it better. Your site helped me. Thank you!- Crisant, Indonesia
    Your videos break things down into managable portions. I've approached drawing with more confidence and a better eye for shading since trying out some of your techniques. Thank you!- Lori, Dartmouth, MA
    Have used all of your tips thoughout my drawing experience and have improved because of them Thank you- Denise, United Kingdom
    I was looking for something that could help me on the proportions problems at portraits drawing, and here is when you appear: Sure! the grid method! you told me and yes! it really works, and not only to be forever dependent to it but also to help the brain to understand the constants measures of the body in order to someday be able to draw without it.- Juan, Columbia
    Thanks so much for all of the help you have been in your drawing videos Kevin.. They are thorough and to the point!- David, Mansfield, MO
    Thank you so much for your wonderful tips so far, as a beginner your techniques have enabled me to understand the basics and produce some realistic work. Once again thanks and keep up the good work!- Monet, London

Your Instructor

Kevin Kramer
Kevin Kramer

Kevin Kramer is a self taught artist and educator.

He has been a featured artist for many juried art exhibitions, shows and publications distributed internationally.

After several years of accomplished work and successful partnerships, Kevin decided to share the wealth of his collective knowledge, tips, and insights into the craft of illustration by founding his own drawing instruction website. Through his website Kramer hopes to help other budding artists hone their craft, as well as help the average individual tap into their creative psyche.

Courses Included with Purchase

The 4 Steps to Shading Drawing Course
The only 4 steps you need to add more life and dimension to your drawings.
Kevin Kramer
Perfect Proportions
How To Quickly and Easily Increase the Accuracy of Your Drawings Every Time You Draw
Kevin Kramer
Perfect Perspectives
Learn the simplest methods for achieving mind-blowing realistic drawings fast using a simple 4 step process!
Kevin Kramer

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